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homage to Sam Rodia - Joop Beljon
Sam Rodia died on the sixteenth of July in 1965. That same summer the first sculptors symposium in the United States was organized on the campus of California State University at Long Beach. One of the participants was the Dutch sculptor Joop Beljon, at that time also the director of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

homage to Sam Rodia - Joop Beljon

Beljon visited Sam Rodia's Towers during his stay in Long Beach. He dedicated his sculpture to Sam Rodia and showed his appreciation of Rodia's life work by depicting hearts on one of the concrete elements making up his sculpture - just like the numerous hearts which appear on the floors, walls and structures making up the Watts Towers installation itself.

In this way the two works - Beljon's 'wall' and Rodia's Towers - were united with this universal symbol about which Sam Rodia is said to have answered a question about what the hearts symbolize with "You know!".

homage to Sam Rodia - Joop Beljon

Numerous artists have made their tribute to Sam Rodia in one way or another. Please send your images to lucien at denarend dot com to be reviewed for inclusion into these pages.

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