the Watts Towers Arts Center

homage to Simon Rodia - Edward Landler and Brad Byer

Rodia built a series of towers out of concrete, steel and wire in his neighborhood of Watts. There they remain to this day, works of outsider art now legitimized as a historic landmark. The tallest tower stands 99 feet tall. Brad Byer, Rodia’s great-nephew, and filmmaker Edward Landler teamed up to tell of how Rodia came to America, pulled himself out of alcoholism and became maniacally driven to create something big. A gently moving piece of work, this doc demonstrates how sometimes, against all odds, one person can leave a mark on the world.

The film has been named ‘One of the 20 Best Documentaries about Los Angeles’ by Dan Schindel of nonfics.com’


Other artists inspired by Simon Rodia's Watts Towers



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