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"I build the tower" has lots of information about Sam Rodia and the towers. Here you can buy the most complete documentary film, "I build the tower" on the Watts Towers and their builder, Sam Rodia. The opening music (and also to be heard during the trailer) is the hip-hop song, “Yo, Sam”, conceived by filmmakers Brad Byer and Edward Landler who arranged the lyrics from Sam Rodia’s own recorded words.  Michael Abels composed and arranged the music with final arrangement by Bjorn Schaller with Rodia’s voice as lead vocal and back up vocals by Dwight Trible and Logan Johnson, Jr. In the film, there is the last interview with Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller, specifically about the Towers and Fuller's analysis of the structural principles of the Towers.

The Watts Village Theater Company.

Friends of Watts Towers Arts Center supports and promotes the activities of the Watts Towers Arts Center.

See very interesting spherical panoramas of the Watts Towers - in color (give it a little time to load)

more about the Watts Towers and building your own mini towers



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